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41   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist and Ironman Triathlete Explains Why You Need a Triathlon Coach
Triathlon coaches not only make you faster, they help prevent injury. San Francisco's Sports Medicine podiatrist explains why you need one to stay on course with training and accomplish your triathlon goal.
42   Link   When should a runner drain a blister? SF Podiatrist explains.
Blisters on the feet in runners are the most complaint for marathon finishers. San Francisco sports medicine podiatrist explains when you should, and shouldn't drain a blister on the foot from running.
43   Link   NSAIDs: Why Runners Should Think Twice - by San Francisco Running Podiatrist
Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen are all drugs runners know. But just because you know them, doesn't mean they help your training. In fact, they can damage your kidneys or slow your recovery. San Francisco running podiatrist explains the risks associated with NSAID use in marathon and triathlon training.
44   Link   Medications runners should avoid explained by SF podiatrist.
Drugs can relieve pain and help you keep training, but take the wrong drug at the wrong time and you can prolong your recovery, increase your risk of tendonitis or even damage your kidneys. San Francisco's running podiatrist explains.
45   Link   Bad Medicine for Marathon Runners - By San Francisco Podiatrist
Marathon training is tough. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Somewhere along the line, you might get sick or injured while training. If you do, you might want to think twice before reaching for that ibuprofen or taking those antibiotics. San Francisco's Running Podiatrist explains.
46   Link   Triathlon Coaches Are Worth Their Weight in Gold article by San Francisco Podiatrist Dr Christopher Segler
Whether a sprint triathlon or Ironman, training is for a tri is complicated. To get the most out of your training you nee a triathlon coach. San Francisco Ironman triathlete and podiatrist Dr. Christopher Segler explains.
47   Link   The Best and Worst Plantar Wart Treatments in Runners Explained By San Francisco Podiatrist and Runner
Runners need to carefully consider the best treatment if they have painful plantar warts on the bottom of the foot. This article by San Francisco's running Podiatrist explains which planter wart treatments are good choices and which treatments may be worse than the disease.
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