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21   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Explains How How Medicare is Failing Diabetic Americans
March 5, 2010-San Francisco, CA - Article is published by local Podiatrist and Diabetic Foot Surgeon explaining how people with diabetics who rely on Medicare are experiencing longer patient waits, less time with the doctor, and may even have difficulty getting specialist care for their diabetes.
22   Link   Why Bunions Form - Bunion Surgeon Explains in This Video
A bunion is a painful enlargement of the big toe joint. As the inventor of a surgical instrument used in foot surgery, (and as a bunion surgeon in San Francisco), "what is a bunion?" is one of the most common questions I get. This educational and informative video clip explains everything that leads to the formation of a bunion. The video also explains why bunions get worse and become painful. In addition, you can learn how to use some simple bunion home remedies to relieve the pain from bunions when the turn red and flare up.
23   Link   San Francisco Runner and Podiatrist Explains New UCSF Study Implicating Sports Drinks
Sports drinks are one of the best ways to stay hydrated and get some calories in to fuel your long run. But a study conducted at UCSF blames sugary drinks for the rise in diabetes. If you are a runner, should you be concerned? San Francisco Podiatrist and Ironman triathlete explains.
24   Link   How to avoid athlete's foot infections when traveling.
Athlete's foot causing is easy to pcik up when rushing through airports and hotel rooms. San Francisco podiatrist shares some tips on preventing this common foot infection while on vacation.
25   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Expert Explains How to Avoid a Pedicure Disaster
Pedicures can be a source of fungal toenail infections, athlete's foot and nasty bacterial infections. San Francisco Podiatrist explains how to find a safe pedicure in San Francisco.
26   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Expert on the Best Way to Find Safe Salon Pedicures
San Francisco Podiatrist provides some tips on the best way to make sure you find a clean safe nail salon for your pedicure. Don't let a pedicure lead to a foot infection or toenail fungus. Dr. Segler makes podiatry house calls in the San Francisco Bay Area.
27   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Doctor Makes Recommendations on Safe Pedicure Nail Salons
Pedicures can be a source of fungal foot infections, ingrown toenails, and fungal toenails. San Francisco's House Call Podiatrist makes recommendations on ways to identify a clean healthy nail salon in San Francisco.
28   Link   Is a Heel Spur the Source of Heel Pain - San Francisco Podiatrist Explains
Not every case of pain in the bottom of the heel is caused by a heel spur. San Francisco's Podiatry Heel Expert explains why.
29   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Expert on How to Prevent Athlete's Foot Infections on Your Next Vacation
Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus infecting the skin on the soles of the feet and the toes. It is common in airports and hotels, but you can avoid this common podiatry complaint. San Francisco House Calls Podiatrist explains how.
30   Link   Running on a Stress Fracture in the Foot Can Lead to Broken Foot Bones and Foot Surgery
Dr. Christopher Segler is Runner, Triathlete and Expert in Foot Fractures. In this article he explains what happens when an athlete continues to run on an aching, sore, bruised foot that might be a metatarsal stress fracture.
31   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Explains How Medicare Cuts Leave Diabetics out in the Cold
Many diabetic patients with Medicare searching for the best podiatry clinic in San Francisco can often have a hard time fining a podiatrist that will provide take the time to listen to all of their concerns, offer non-covered treatments and make house calls. This article by San Francisco's House Call Podiatrist explains why.
32   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Discusses Why Diabetics with Medicare May Have Reason to Worry About Getting the Best Care
Medicare cuts are all over the news. In places like San Francisco doctors and podiatrists are opting out of Medicare and making more difficult for diabetics to get the best medical care.
33   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon Posts Video on Big Toe Joint Replacement Surgery
Video by San Francisco Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon on how joint replacement surgery in the big toe joint is performed to treat painful arthritis and cartilage damage from hallux rigidus in the foot.
34   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Explains the Best Reasons for a Podiatry Second Opinion
Anyone in San Francisco who is considering bunion surgery or who has foot pain that just isn't getting better should seek out the best podiatrist they can find.
35   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Runs Ironman California
This weekend Dr. Segler, a Sports Medicine Podiatry Specialist in San Francisco competed in Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside. The Bay Area Podiatrist explains how the half-ironman kicked off the season with an injury-free start.
36   Link   Triathlon Coaches Help You Avoid Training Injuries - by San Francisco Sports Medicine Podiatrist and Triathlete
As a sports medicine podiatrist and a triathlete myself, I see lots of overtraining foot and ankle injuries. An experienced triathlon coach may be the best way to train without injury while achieving your goals.
37   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Secrets To Getting Fashionable Shoe Comfort
Fashionable shoes don't have to cause pain. San Francisco foot surgeon Dr. Christopher Segler explains how to look great and prevent bunion pain and other common shoe-related complaints.
38   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Explains How Medicare Cuts Are Americans With Killing Diabetics
Medicare cuts are being touted as a solution to the American Health Care Crisis. However, these pay cuts to physicians may have the unintended result of worse care and a lack of prevention for diabetics in San Francisco.
39   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist on Travel Health and Housecalls to Hotels
Travel related illness can ruin a vacation. But one podiatrist in San Francisco will treat ingrown toenails, heel pain, and other foot pain right in your hotel room. No searching for a doctor's office and no waiting.
40   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Talks About How You Can Avoid Athlete's Foot on Vacation
Athlete's foot abounds in hotel room and airport security lines. But you can avoid this common foot infection by following some tips from San Francisco's House Call Podiatrist.
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