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How to Tell If You Have a Stress Fracture In the Foot by San Francisco Running Podiatrist

Stress fractures in the foot are one of the most common overtraining injuries among marathon runners that I see as a sports medicine podiatrist in San Francisco.  Of all the overuse injuries, a stress fracture in the foot is probably the most likely to force a runner or triathlete to stop training and lose fitness.  The reason for this is that stress fractures typically get worse and may even turn onto a completely broken bone if not treated. 

Most runners are aware that an aching throbbing foot could be a stress fracture that will get worse if you keep running.  But there are simple ways you can tell if you might have a stress fracture yourself.  The first thing is to check to see if you have had any of the main signs and symptoms of metatarsal stress fractures.

Can I run with a stress fracture in my foot?

San Francisco podiatrist on runner stress fractures

As a runner, triathlete and podiatrist in San Francisco, one of the questions I get most often from other runners is whether or not they should run when think they have a stress fracture in the foot.  This should help explain what will happen if you run and you do have a stress fracture.  

Ankle Sprain First Aid: by San Francisco Ankle Doc

What To Do Before You See An Ankle Doctor

Ankle Sprain San Francisco Best Initial TreatmentThe most important goal of ankle sprain treatment is to stop the pain and inflammation and prevent further damage. When you roll your ankle, and suffer an ankle sprain, you get torn ligaments.  All of that tissue damage creates pain and inflammation.  The immediate goal of any ankle injury is to prevent any further damage to the injured ankle and stop the pain and swelling. These instructions outline the most effective ankle sprain first aid and the best at home treatment for an acute ankle sprain.

New Ankle Sprain Patient Testimonial
San Francisco Ankle Sprain Patient Testimonial: "I highly recommend Dr. Christopher Segler at Doc On The Run. Dr. Segler looked at my badly sprained, and still swollen, ankle a week after I had been to acute care at UCSF, (where x-rays showed no broken bones, so they told me to stay off of it, gave me an ace bandage and sent me hobbling away). In a house call visit, he spent time listening to how I had sprained my ankle, did a thorough examination and explained in expert detail about my injury and what he recommended that I do next, so that I could heal as completely as possible. He is a true patient advocate and expert in his field. Knowing a doctor who I can trust completely for advice, who will return my phone calls promptly, and who believes in educating his patients, is invaluable. If you need a podiatric surgeon, sports medicine specialist or a honest second opinion, call Dr. Segler. He is the best!"   - Shona, San Francisco, CA. 
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Where Does It Hurt?

 Click in the  painful area to find out what is causing your foot pain.

Big Toe Joint Pain, Bunion

Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Planter Fashitis

Midfoot Pain, Upper Foot

Arch Pain

Ball of Foot Pain, Nueroma

Medial Ankle Pain, inside ankle

Tailors Bunion, little toe hurts

Lateral Ankle Pain

Side of foot hurts at the fifth toe base.

Achilles tendon pain, tendonitis