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Our Patients Love Us!

Chattanooga Podiatrist Patient TestimonialsHow do you know you'll get the very best care in San Francisco from us?  Don't take our word for it... just listen to what our patients say. We believe that patient testimonials speak volumes. We are grateful for all of those who choose us to help when a foot or ankle problem starts to slow them down. Your active life can begin again!



"Dr. Segler is a rare and exceptional physician! I consider myself very fortunate to have found him. As a veteran marathon and ultra-runner, I've been struggling for years with a chronic and complex heel condition that has eluded numerous specialists. None have been willing or able to take the time needed to figure out what is going on and how to treat it. With Dr. Segler, it was immediately apparent that I'd finally found a doctor with genuine interest in me as an athlete and my returning to sport as a very high priority. Connecting with Dr. Segler has, for the first time since injury, given me a real sense of hope that I will be able to keep doing what I love. 

Dr. Segler's knowledge of sports issues and treatments is expert and formidable. He is compassionate, patient and available to a degree that is completely unique. He is professional, yet warm and down-to-earth. Never brisk, impatient, condescending or elusive, Dr. Segler answers every question carefully and takes time and interest in educating his patient. He offers a perspective that only a doctor who is himself an endurance athlete can possess. His rates are very reasonable. With quick availability, he comes to your home and takes the time needed to do a careful history, analysis and treatment plan. He's waded through various bureaucracies on my behalf in order to get important tests done correctly. Dr. Segler is a true advocate, whose first priority is getting the job done for his patient. He is available directly by phone or email, with prompt response - hours or even minutes. How unusual is that? Amazing!

If you're an athlete of any type (or non-athlete, for that matter), dealing with a foot or ankle issue - you've found you're Doc, hands down. Dr. Segler is one of a kind!" 

     - Erik C., Albany, CA


"I'm a runner who competes in the PA/USATF. I injured my achilles (tendinitis) last summer and needed to recover before the start of the cross country season (1st week of Sept).

This injury had been bothering me chronically for the last year and a half, impairing my training and in some occasions, forcing me to drop out during races. I called Dr Segler following a drop out from a local race last July. My achilles was very painful and I had difficulty walking. I'm generally a point-scorer for the team (top 5 runners) so my return to competition was much anticipated by my teammates.

Dr Segler came to my house and assessed my injury, explained what type of tendinitis I had and gave me a number of options and treatments (I think 12 in total). Most importantly for me, Dr Segler understood my need to not become totally out of shape before the XC season. Since he is a triathlete himself, he knows what competition means, the efforts you've put into your training, and the satisfaction of a good race. For my type of injury, most doctors would simply recommend to (heavily) use NSAIDs, rest and not run at all for a number of weeks.

Dr Segler gave me additional options to maintain a minimum level of fitness while my tendon was recovering. I followed his advice to the letter and got better in a few weeks, while maintaining some training. I returned to competition on Aug 27th, ran many of this year's XC races, and contributed to my team achieving 4th place at the PA/USATF 2011 XC Grand Prix. More recently I completed a half and full marathon part of the PA/USATF road racing Grand Prix and was part of the "A" scoring team. A great feeling ! I think we will take 3rd place in the Grand Prix this season, the best the club has done in years ... Thanks Doc !"

    - Patrick M., San Francisco, CA 


"Amazing service!! I have never spoken with a doctor so interested and genuinely concerned. I don't even live in California, but I live in Kansas, and when I called Dr. Segler's number I found online, I figured it'd bring me to some voicemail, which it did. BUT I didn't even leave a message because I didn't figure anything would come of it. After all, I wasn't going to be a paying customer, but I just had a question. Not even ten minutes later, Dr. Segler called me back. He was happy to help and very informational. I would rightfully assume he is nothing less of a help in person, and I would recommend his services to anyone! :) "

   - Kaylee K. Pittsburg, KS.




"Thank you so very much Dr Segler!!! You are the best!! 






My 4 year son has extreme flat feet. He has complained on and off of foot and leg pain for about a year. Repeated trips to Kaiser left us with, "it's growing pains" and that he would grow out of it, "no need to do anything" Basically little answers. Continued pressure by us finally resulted in some x-rays and some attention. Long and short of it, we sought attention and opinions else where. Thankfully we found Dr. Segler. 


An amazing house visit that lasted about 2 hours. He is a professional through and through. He took the time to examine our son. He drew pictures and had models to help explain his findings. He provided options and weighed the pros and cons of everything he presented. He was patient, caring and an obvious expert in his field. We ordered a pair of custom fit orthotics. After only a week turn around for the orthotics, he made another house visit for the final fitting. 


What a drastic improvement these have made in my son's life already. Monday was the first full day wearing the orthotics. The morning was spent at preschool where he said he showed some of his friends the colorful orthotics. He then came home with his mom and took the dog for a walk. They walked for just a little over a 1/2 mile; he never complained or stopped. Before he would complain of leg pain after walking about 2 blocks. Even after the walk he wanted to go outside and play kick ball. He then rode his bike. He was active on his feet all day with out being cranky and with out complaining of foot or leg pain. He himself says he loves them. 


We can't thank you enough, we are so glad we found you. Thank you for your professionalism, your care and advice."   - Joe M., San Rafael, CA





"Dr Segler took care of the planar wart on my foot and it was a quick, painless, easy experience."

   - Aditya A., San Francisco, CA



"I called Dr. Segler as I was in terrible pain due to an ingrown toenail. I found him due to a youtube video he had produced -- it's a great resource http://www.youtube.com...

I had no time all week to go to a podiatrist near where I work in Menlo Park - so i decided to give him a ring for a house call on Saturday. I was wary using a guy that does house calls, I asked myself, could this be legit?

BOY was I surprised. Dr. Segler is one of the best doctors I've been to (generally speaking), and the whole house call thing was amazing.  I was on my own couch on my ipad the entire time he was fixing my toe.  It was truly such an amazing experience, wow.  Furthermore, he's just like me and is an athlete, so he understands an athletes needs.  He's done something like 5 Ironmans."

   - Dave S., San Francisco, CA 




"I found Dr. Segler through a google search: 'sports podiatry san francisco'. He had a smart web page indicating a fair amount of experience with sports injuries and specifically, running injuries which was my complaint. 

The house-call M.O. lit up two distinct regions of my brain. The amygdala weighed in first wondering if this guy was a fly-by-nighter. Docs don't make house calls anymore (I'm actually old enough to remember when they did!). Then the cortex posited 'Doc On The Run' was more than a clever double entrendre but a way to beat the competition by reducing fixed overhead. Price an EMR software lately? 

Made the call and he called me back a few hours later. A brief description of my complaint, an appointment and 20 minutes later I was under the x-ray machine. 

DOTR showed up a few days later with his light box, foot skeleton and satchel of tools and information. I had previously emailed him my running history, gait video, UCSF  RunSafe analysis, injury date / circumstances, current PT regimen, expectations and a list of specific questions. I was pleased to learn he had not only reviewed my lengthy email but had printed a copy for my file. After a bit of chit chat he jumped right into pushing and prodding my dinged foot. He walked me through the x-rays and provided an enlightening anatomy lesson. Bones looked normal. He did some more pushing an prodding, strength testing and measuring before concluding that the culprit was a lesser tendon and restorable with proper rest and inflammation control. Oh, and I could be back on the trail in 2 weeks provided no pain. 

A couple remarkable things: First he uses his smartphone as an EMR. Not the most mineable medium but one that would make Occam proud. Second: What he DIDN'T say upon parting: 'I'll see you in 2 weeks'. Which is exactly what my previous 'sports medicine' doc said a week prior after waving a magnet over my  foot. Yeah.

I'm a special needs case as I do really stoopid things like run 50 miles at a time or do 3 back-to-back tempo runs followed by a 30 miler at *half-marathon* speeds :/ So I was appreciative DOTR didn't harsh my mellow with too many borne-on date stories. In fact he almost seemed supportive of my behavior. But then again this guy does 11+ hour endurance events so despite his medical training and carnage exposure, he couldn't really throw too many bricks in my glass house.

Podiatrists are quick to prescribe orthotics as it's a) what they are trained to do b) it renders the whole experience 'tangible' and c) it's enhanced revenue. I'm not anti orthotic as friends have benefited from them, but I do think orthotics should be the second to last attempt to correct a bio-mechanical issue. DOTR seems to share this belief, at least with respect to my particular complaint. 

So after a ~2 hour consultation, a diagnosis, a recovery plan, answers to my many questions AND A HAND DRAWN PICTURE OF MY FOOT / CULPRIT!!! I bid him farewell, confident in his knowledge / experience and appreciative of his professionalism. 

Oh and one more remarkable thing: his fee is about half of what a doc-in-the-box would charge. DOTR FTW!"

   - Hugh B., San Francisco, CA





"Dr. Segler is an excellent doctor for athletes with foot and ankle problems for several reasons:

1) As an athlete, he has empathy for the time and effort investment of training and fitness, and places value on retaining fitness as much as possible.  He will work with you to help you keep your fitness while fixing or recovering from your injury.

2) He is exceptional in that he spends as much time with you analyzing and discussing your problem as you need.  I have never before had the opportunity to discuss an ailment for 1.5 hours with a medical doctor.  After that amount of time and intellectual effort, I feel confident that I understand the nature and extent of my injury, and what I need to do to resolve it.  

3) His house call business model is also unique, and can simplify the logistics of finding a suitable appointment time and location.

Note that with all these strong qualities, he can afford to not accept/process insurance claims, but his pricing is competitive and he is worth every penny.  He provides timely invoices by which one can submit insurance claims oneself."

   - Dr. M., Livermore, CA



"Dr. Segler is quite simply fantastic.  He came to my house.  Imagine that?  We sat together and he explained how and why my foot was hurting.  (I'd taken his x-ray order and shared the results of an MRI with him days before our appoitnment.)

Unlike another sports med podiatrist I'd consulted, he left me with several alternatives for coping with my problem.  He listened to everything I said, responded in ways that let me know he actually heard me and shared a little of his own experience with exercise, pain, and healing.

He also encouraged me to email him with questions or just to let him know how I was doing.  Best of all, his suggested treatment is yielding results so far.  And, when I emailed him, he answered me promptly.  

What could be better than working with a doctor whose humanity is palpable and whose knowledge and skill are extraordinary? Oh, and he comes to your house: no driving, no parking, no waiting room, no receptionist, just Dr. Segler himself."

   - Vina W., Palo Alto, CA.




"Thanks to a REAL Doc for a wonderful visit. I highly recommend him. Best visit I've had with a Doctor  in many years. He actually spent time listening to my version of what I felt was wrong. He sent me for x-rays prior to visit. Showed them to me and explained my problems in great detail. For a diabetic with foot problems that was a tremendous visit. I now understand what I need to do to correct my problem!! That is MAJOR for a person like me who wants to continue walking on daily basis and prevent foot ulcers. I loved the explanations, the drawn illustrations and his in depth instructions on how to best solve my problems. Thank you for a wonderful visit, Doc. I also loved the fact that he came to me and I had no long wait in an office. What a joy to meet a Doc with a great personality and obviously a very caring person. Money very well spent and worth more than the charge...now you never find that today!! Appreciate your honesty also Doc. You are way cool !!"

   - Barbara C., Pinckard, AL & Menlo Park, CA



"Thank you Dr. Segler, and you get my highest recommendation! 

I am an avid rock climber and sustained a severe fracture of my right heel in a rock climbing fall (basically crushed it). Bad news! 

I was having a very difficult time with getting more than a five minute consult from an expert who's advice was that after he did surgery I should probably find a different "hobby", or the familiar brush-off from clinic schedulers (giving me initial appointments two and three weeks out from the date of injury.). I also live in Southern Arizona...a long ways from S.F. and Dr. Segler. 

I needed to know the deep details of the nature of my injury, and the possibilities for successful recovery and a return to my active life style. And I was not getting this information. 

I needed help in locating the best surgeon that was available to me. Someone I could speak with and someone who understood my needs and goals. 

I happened to discover Dr. Segler on-line. Out of desperation I called this Dr. in San Francisco, but I really doubted that I would ever actually speak with him. How wrong I was! He personally answered his phone, ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, on the way home from a HOUSE CALL! (Huh!? Who is this guy?  Super Doc!!?) 

He spoke with me for the better part of an hour and recommended that I overnight my CT scan to him for a SKYPE consultation. I did this and he spent ALOT of time with me, as much as I needed. The Skype technology worked great and he was able to give me a detailed analysis of my CT scan (which I could view with him). He gave me an in depth and expert analysis of my fracture and he made sure that I knew exactly what he was talking about.  And the billing clock was clearly not running. The only reason I did not jump on a plane to S.F. for Dr. Segler to do the surgery was that he did not recommend it due to the difficulty of closely monitoring the high-risk recovery process related to this surgery after I returned home. He wasn't fishing for surgery clients. 

Yes, he is very knowledgeable, clearly a passionate expert in his field. But more than that he is a real person, a compassionate and understanding person, and a person that DOES NOT answer to Insurance Companies. He answers to you, the patient. 

During the consult he did not sugar coat the severity of the injury. In fact he stated clearly that I had a 70% likelihood of acceptable recovery. But he never once indicated in any way at all that I should ever consider giving up my rock climbing lifestyle. In fact he strongly argued the opposite. 

After a second day of consultation (with me never having to wait and hope for a callback) Dr. Segler successfully researched a short list of who he would take his heel to in Tucson if he were in my shoes...(shoe!). Three days later I was in a consult with one of these recommendations, a great surgeon who concured on every point with Dr. Segler's analysis.  A few days later this surgeon did my surgery. 

Now, ten weeks post injury I'm getting back to climbing and the foot feels great (although I do still have a few weeks of recovery left). Thanks to Dr. Segler I truly believe that I dodged a bullet."

   - Scott E., Bisbee, AZ




"Dr. Segler was recommended by our pediatrician and worked really well with our teenage daughter, who had a broken toe and ligament problems. He ordered xrays before we saw him, telling us where to go. At the house call, he explained in detail, using models and drawings, what the trouble was. He spent more than an hour with us, showing our daughter how to tape her toes and explaining about hot and cold baths and strategies for treating pain. He was very concerned about ensuring that she understood the steps she needed to get better. We later ordered custom orthotics from Dr. Segler and he was extremely detail-oriented in getting them measured just right and spent another hour with us when he returned with the orthotics, checking our daughter's progress.

   - Robin R., San Francisco, CA





"I unfortunately ruptured (snapped) my Achilles tendon while snowboarding this winter.  At first I was hoping it wasn't that bad, but after doing a little web search soon realized it was either a partial or full rupture and needed some medical attention stat.  I called Dr. Segler and explained what had happened and explained I thought I had some sort of rupture.  I wound up making an appointment.  What was cool was that he had me go to a local place to get a MRI before my appointment with him, as he would need the MRI to diagnose the condition properly.  Cool because it  saved me time and an unnecessary initial appointment & $ as I was confident I had some sort of serious rupture.  It turned out it was a full rupture and I was in surgery in two days (quick is crucial for this surgery if possible). 




Surgery went well and I am well on my way to getting my mojo back.  I've got nothing but good things to say about my experience with Dr. S. and think he's an athlete's ace.  Trying to not make this too long I'll surmise and just say he is knowledgeable, informative (drawings and all), professional, progressive, a good listener, an excellent surgeon, and he makes house calls!  My experience with Dr. Segler has been truly top notch and I highly recommend the good Doc." 

   - Richard I., San Francisco, CA




"Dr. Segler was superb! He was meticulous, caring, and clearly well trained. I feel grateful and given him my very highest recommendation."

   - Shauna S., Mill Valley, CA




"I torn a couple of ligaments in my ankle and after 2 weeks it wasn't getting any better plus my calf started to hurt. I decided to call Dr. Segler because he makes house calls, which was ideal for me since I was working from home.  After a thorough exam of my foot and explain all the issues with a picture diagram, which I loved. After explaining to him about the pain in my leg he provide me a couple of possibilities and options. We decided on getting an Ultrasound, which he called around to find a place and schedule an appointment for me. After making an appointment he drove me to Daly City. Turns out I had a blood clot in my calf, thankfully, Dr. Segler stayed to see the results and drove me to another specialist in the city to be exam. What I thought was going to be a simple dr. appointment turn into a 5 hour adventure and I am glad that Dr. Segler was there to help me out. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends. Overall,  Dr. Christopher Segler quality of podiatry, knowledge of medicine and patient is care goes beyond any medical experience I've ever had before." 

   - Jen S., San Francisco, CA




"Dr Segler knows his stuff, period.  I was in a horrible car accident and got hit by a drunk driver.  Broke my pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula on my right side.  As a result, i have a slight limp and a unique gait.  My right foot was bugging me and i got fitted for customer orthotics.  Dr Segler went above and beyond making three trips to get my orthotics just right and customize them to my feet for maximum comfort.  Beyond just orthotics the guy has sound medical knowledge and, this is the best part, knows how to listen.  Ive seen 6-9 doctors since my accident and Dr Segler was the best listener.  As a result, i got xrays that we discussed and discovered i still have a "boney block" in my right ankle.  I am going to have a small procedure to fix the block and give me more range of motion in my right leg.  This should be the last of my procedures (for now) and i think this will get me back to 100 percent - Dr Segler is a huge part of my recent comfort with his orthotics and he helped me find out what else was wrong with me so i can treat the issue and get back to 100 percent.  Thanks Dr Segler.  Oh and he makes house calls??  Who makes house calls these days??  Dr Segler does!  So easy.  I also got my orthotics covered by insurance and Dr S gave me all the paperwork to make it easy breezy." 

   - P. W., San Francisco, CA




"Doc on the Run, Dr. Christopher Segler brings a degree of knowledge and quality of podiatry to patients way beyond what we would expect... to our homes! I was fortunate enough to have found his Web site and to have gotten an appointment soon after to treat an ingrown toenail that has bothered me for several years. Dr. Segler informed me of all the possible treatments for that, as well as for toenail fungus, at length, allowing me to make educated decisions for treatment. 

I later looked up his profile on line to discover that he has written an extensive amount of published research papers and extracts and received several awards. And his prices are reasonable. 

I can't recommend the Doc on the Run highly enough."

   - Carlos G., San Francisco, CA



"Dr. Segler is beyond great!  I have been suffering from a plantar's wart that I had attempted to be removed twice by another podiatrist.  Dr. Segler came to my house with everything that he could possibly need, walked me through the issues and all possible treatments, and treated me.  He even calls in the prescription for you to your pharmacy!  How much better does it get?  No traveling to an office, no waiting, no rush and distraction, and no waiting at the pharmacy.   It was so nice to talk to him about other issues and questions without feeling rushed.  I found him to be extremely knowledgable, patient, and one who enjoys his work. It was refreshing to have a quality doctor visit by someone who loves what they do.  I only wish other practioners had similar services/options."  

   - Marianne D., San Francisco, CA 



"I've had a problematic left ankle for my entire adult life which has severely restricted my participation in many sports and contributed to imbalances and pain throughout my body.  I had arthroscopic surgery three years ago which only served to weaken the ankle and restrict my movement.  Since then I've spent thousands of dollars on a wide array of conventional and alternative therapies for my ankle with limited success.  I was finally recommended to Dr. Segler by my primary care physician and was extremely satisfied with our first appointment.  He drove to my house, which is located in the somewhat remote town of Montara, and charged me a very reasonable fee for a highly comprehensive exam.  I finally have a legitimate diagnosis and prognosis for my ankle and have already noticed a significant improvement in balance, flexibility, and performance after only one week of using Dr. Segler's tailored physical therapy plan.  Dr. Segler is not only a highly experienced and accomplished foot & ankle specialist but also a caring, competent professional who offers a wide array of non-surgical alternatives.  He has the skillset and creativity to save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary surgical, post-surgical, and physical therapy bills.  I wish I had access to a professional of his caliber for every healthcare modality."  

   - Viajero P., Montara, CA



"I have suffered from heel pain for many years and saw other physicians for this problem with little success.  Dr. Segler's treatments and recommendations have eliminated my heel pain.  I have used him for several house calls and have always found him to be professional, friendly and thorough.  There was even an instance when I needed to be seen but he was on his way to the airport.  He made special arrangements to meet me on his way there just so my issue could be addressed.  He definitely goes  read more ยป  the extra mile to make sure that not just my pain, but my questions are addressed.   I found him to be tremendously knowledgeable in his field."

   - Martin C., Birmingham, AL 



"Great doc!  I saw Dr. Segler for ankle trouble.  It turns out I had a bad case of tendinitis from running.  Because he's an athlete and an ankle/foot doctor he was very familiar with the pain I was experiencing.  Dr. Segler got me in a boot and into PT as fast as he could...he knew I wanted to heal quickly.  I was able to learn from him about what was going on in my ankle with minimal medical terminology to confuse me.  He knew how to talk to me as a person not just an ankle to be fixed..for me that's just as important as being able to diagnose my problem correctly.  I would definitely recommend seeing him and would do so myself if he didn't live 3,000 miles away :)"

   - Rachel P., Chattanooga, TN



"I am a runner with knee and back issues.  I am also a nationally touring musician which makes it difficult to get health care when I need it.  Given that we were in town for just one day with a jam-packed schedule, Dr. Segler, who is also a runner and very knowledgeable about my issues,  actually drove into town and waited until our show ended well after midnight.  He actually hand-casted me for my orthotics back stage in the dressing room after our gig.  When my orthotics were ready, he shipped them to my home, free of charge."  Dr. Segler is very knowledgeable and provides a great service.  Thanks you very much...."  

   - Vinnie A., Ballston Spa, NY 



"I had suffered for many years with foot problems, especially my left foot, to the point where I thought pain was normal! I had been to several podiatrists over the years with minimal results. I became a patient of Dr. Segler's when he was practicing in Chattanooga, TN. He diagnosed the problems I was having, operated twice on my left foot and the pain is gone! He has given me a new lease on life. He is professional, skilled, and most important to me, he is a doctor who really cares about his patients. I will always be grateful to Dr. Segler."

   - Rena K., Signal Mountain, TN



"I was a patient of Dr. Seglers when he practicing in Chattanooga. As a medical professional in radiology, i know the importance of great foot care.  I had several issues with my feet and Dr. Segler was successful in helping me become more pain free.  He was also very helpful in lifestyle changes and products that i needed to make my life more easier.  I am greatful for the care that I received from him while he was here."

   - Jayne H., Chattanooga, TN



"I highly recommend Dr. Christopher Segler at Doc On The Run. Dr. Segler looked at my badly sprained, and still swollen, ankle a week after I had been to acute care at UCSF, (where x-rays showed no broken bones, so they told me to stay off of it, gave me an ace bandage and sent me hobbling away). In a house call visit, he spent time listening to how I had sprained my ankle, did a thorough examination and explained in expert detail about my injury and what he recommended that I do next, so that I could heal as completely as possible. He is a true patient advocate and expert in his field. Knowing a doctor who I can trust completely for advice, who will return my phone calls promptly, and who believes in educating his patients, is invaluable. If you need a podiatric surgeon, sports medicine specialist or a honest second opinion, call Dr. Segler. He is the best!"  

   - Shona, San Francisco, CA. 



 "Doc, I haven't had any pain at all since the moment you numbed up my foot before the surgery. Not one time since." 

   - R.B. - former long-term sufferer of heel pain



 "I don't even think about my foot hurting anymore!"

   - R.K. - former long-term sufferer of foot pain


"The most amazing doctor I've ever met, such a great human being, explained things to me in terms I can understand. I can't say enough about him. He saved my life and my leg. He's The Greatest."

   J.M. - living with diabetes



"An easier treatment with better results and a lot less pain." 

   - T.M. - former sufferer of plantar warts 



" I am a diabetic who had the misfortune of losing my big toe and the good fortune of finding Dr Segler.  Dr Segler is a wonderful doctor, he is not only professional and knowledgeable but compassionate and wise. He treated my physical, emotional and family needs before during and after my surgery. I am so thankful to have him as my doctor". 

   - J.B. - living with diabetes 



"It just feels so good to come to your office.  I mean you just feel like you're totally taken care of in all aspects. Gosh, I wish you were a general practitioner!  If you don't mind would you consider going back to med school so you can be my general practitioner?  Thanks!"

   - P.W. - former sufferer of tendonitis  



"Dr. Segler takes care of my feet and ankles.  I'm diabetic and neuropathy has advanced upward to include my feet.  I had an injury on my right foot that required surgery (by another group/surgeon).   Subsequently I was referred to Ankle & Foot Center. Several months ago I developed an ulcer under the callus on the ball of my foot, which I didn't detect due to my neuropathy.  By the time I realized there was a problem, it was almost too late to save my foot.  Dr. Segler diagnosed the problem immediately, explained the seriousness of my situation, and began treatment at once.  To say he went WAY above the call of duty is no where near the level of skill, professionalism, dedication and compassion he provided me and my wife.  He was patient in explaining what was going on with my foot, to the point of actually taking the time to hand-draw a picture of my foot when he visited me in the hospital.  Thanks to my God that Dr. Segler saved my foot, and that my continued periodic treatment is going wonderfully.  But if Dr. Segler told me he was going to have cut off my foot tomorrow, I have complete faith in him and would say without question - "cut away". " 

   - B.A. - living with diabetes