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Triathlon Coaches Can Help Avoid Injuries - by San Francisco Sports Medicine Podiatrist and Triathlete

One of the biggest challenges with training for a triathlon is finding the line between training hard, and training too hard.  The fact is overuse injuries kill more triathlon goals than necessary.  If you get a training overuse injury like Achilles tendonitis or a stress fracture, you will lose much of your fitness and may even miss you key event all together. While it is great to know how to treat these injuries best, it is better still to know how to prevent them.  That is where an experienced coach comes in.  In the San Francisco Bay Area there are many highly qualified triathlon coaches offering interesting mixes of training packages and personalized options.  Choose the one that is right for you and you can decrease your risk of an overtraining injury.  That way, you can spend you time out on the track or cycling through Marin instead of trying to find the best podiatrist in San Francisco.  This article by San Francisco podiatrist and Ironman triathlete explains how a triathlon coach can help you prevent injures. 

Dr. Christopher Segler is a multiple Ironman finisher and marathon runner. When not busy seeing athletes during podiatry house call appointments, you will find him riding the Alpine Dam Loop, cycling through Nicassio Valley, or running in Golden Gate Park. If you think you have Achilles tendonitis, but are just too busy to sit in a doctor's office, he will come right to your Bay Area home or San Francisco office to help get you back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. (415) 308-0833